Navigating Tax Credits with Pizza Franchisee

Doyle HCM Helps a Sbarro Franchisee Create Efficiency and Navigate Tax Credits

Note: While informative, this blog post is not a substitute for professional tax advice.

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When Joe opened his first Sbarro in October of 2019, he had visions of a thriving pizza shop feeding perfect slices to the people in his city. Things got off to a great start and then a couple months later, Covid caused some major changes in his business. The slices started moving a little slower as people were figuring out how to navigate life in these uncertain times. Joe was determined to keep his employees working and the pizzas cooking.

We recently met Joe at a conference in Las Vegas where he told us about some pain points in his business and asked if we could help him out. Joe is new to the restaurants industry and was having some issues with his current payroll provider, so we stepped in and helped him out.

Joe was a little concerned about switching over to a new payroll system. He was concerned that it would cause confusion among him and his staff and lead to issues with getting his employees paid. Lucky for Joe, we were able to work with his existing system to implement our services and in term we were able to create some additional efficiencies to get his business running even smoother.

We also informed Joe about the Employee Retention Tax Credit, or ERTC for short. You can learn more about the ERTC here: Doyle ERTC success. Joe was able to keep his staff on the payroll during the Covid shutdowns, which made him eligible for a tax credit. We were able to get him over $80,000 from the ERTC, which is a nice little chunk of cash!

We will also be working with Joe to help him navigate through the Workforce Opportunity Tax Credits. These credits will help add some extra cash into his business and allow him to make improvements to his shop and expand his marketing efforts!

We asked Joe about his experience with us, and here is what he had to say: ”It was so great to chat with Ryan at the convention. We exchanged information and within a few days, I was giving him access to my payroll and he was officially working for me. Within a couple weeks, he found over $80,000 for my business through the ERTC! I was over the moon! I just received the money a week ago and It’s going to help me open another Sbarro! I decided to take Doyle on as my new payroll provider, and I haven’t regretted that decision.”

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