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Custom Integration

Enjoy a tailored setup process designed specifically for your organization’s unique payroll needs.

Personal Guidance

Receive undivided attention from a dedicated representative committed to your payroll success.

Tax Compliance

You can rely on our vigilant tax team to keep your payroll in strict compliance with current regulations.

Payroll Precision

Expect nothing less than precise and accurate payroll management from our experienced team.

Fast, Easy, and Accurate

Getting enough support and guidance with your current platform? Ready to choose a vendor that appreciates your business? We leverage technology and people to bridge the gap of payroll compliance and service.

The Doyle Difference

Real Relationships

Your dedicated Doyle expert provides continuous, personalized support.

Customized Care

Your business is unique, and your payroll plan should be too.

Hassle-Free Payroll

We’ve got your payroll covered, so you can get back to what matters.

Payroll Services & HRIS Technology

Our team of experts specializes in Prevailing Wage & Certified Payroll management, empowering your organization to streamline operations, mitigate risk, and focus on what you do best – completing successful projects.

Traditional Payroll systems have become a hassle with too much paperwork. Do you want a cost-effective and efficient solution? Here at Doyle HCM, we understand the importance of time and money in running a successful business. Our innovative Employee Pay Cards streamline your payroll process, saving you valuable time – all while reducing administrative costs. Let us show you how this transformative solution can change the way you manage your payroll.

Are you tired of spending endless hours manually tracking your employees’ paid time off (PTO) requests? Here at Doyle HCM, we offer reliable, accurate, and user-friendly solutions to streamline your PTO management process.

At Doyle HCM, we prioritize seamless communication and easy access to information for our clients. That’s why when you choose to work with us and our Payroll Services, you are granted access to our user-friendly employee and employer online portal. This portal serves as a centralized hub where employees can conveniently access their pay stubs, view and update personal information, and submit time-off requests. Meanwhile, employers can effortlessly manage payroll processes, access reports, and review employee data right at your fingertips!

At Doyle HCM, we take pride in our hands-on and “white-glove” approach when it comes to our smooth on-boarding process for payroll. We understand the importance of a seamless transition for both the employer and employees. From the very beginning, our dedicated team ensures that all necessary documents are collected and verified, making sure that each employee’s information is accurate and up to date. We then guide employers through the process of setting up their payroll systems, explaining each step thoroughly to ensure clarity. We work closely with you and your team to ensure your needs are met, and that you understand how our process works. We also offer additional training to the employer and staff if you feel your company needs more hands-on learning tools.

Employer Support

At Doyle HCM, we understand the challenges faced by businesses like yours when it comes to managing employee attendance, and sales data. That’s why we have developed a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly integrates time keeping and point of sales systems, providing you with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and convenience.

The success of any business rests on the strength of its workforce. That’s why we, at Doyle HCM, are committed to providing exceptional support to not only employees but also to employers.

No two organizations are the same, which is why our Employer Portal is highly customizable for your business needs. From on-boarding new employees to managing time and attendance, payroll processing, and performance evaluations, our portal can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization. Scale up, or down effortlessly as your business evolves without worrying about outgrowing your current HR and Payroll software.

Are you tired of the time-consuming task of managing garnishments setup and compliance for your workforce? Look no further than Doyle HCM, your go-to partner for all of your Human Capital Management needs. We take this challenge off of your shoulders and tailor our services to your company to help you stay up to date. Handled with the utmost care and precision, Doyle HCM’s seasoned professionals who specialize in garnishment regulations make sure you are taken care of with the latest industry updates and legal requirements.

With Doyle HCM, allow our experts to assist you with our comprehensive New Hire Reporting and Employee Verification Services. These offerings will allow your organization to stay compliant, streamline on-boarding, and improve overall operational efficiency.

At Doyle HCM, we know that Worker’s Compensation can be complicated. That’s why we offer our clients our hands-on assistance to ensure these crucial processes are not only taken care of but also save you time, effort, and money.
Our experts at Doyle HCM understand the ins and outs of Worker’s Compensation impounding that take care of your company’s needs from start to finish. Our expert knowledge and exceptional service help us to ensure that your filings are not just accurate – they’re 100% accurate from the very beginning. Our team are pros at handling the reconciliation process smoothly and accurately, and then administer your True-Up Filings to know where your company stands.

As a client with Doyle HCM, we also offer Worker’s Comp Audits – providing you with all of the important information you need.
We know your time is important so we even go the extra mile and can even submit your information on your behalf – because here at Doyle HCM, partnership and excellence go hand-in-hand.

*Assistance with Workers’ Comp for states outside of Ohio and Georgia have different regulations.

Tax Compliance Management

Doyle HCM is here to make the complexities and headaches associated with tax filings off of your hands. Here at Doyle HCM, our comprehensive tax services not only streamline the processes of filing your local, federal, and state taxes, but also ensure utmost accuracy, timeliness, and compliance, allowing you to focus on what matters most: running your business.

Are you a franchise employer struggling to maintain accurate employee information across multiple locations? Here at Doyle HCM, we are thrilled to offer you our comprehensive Multiple Worksite Reports feature, designed specifically to simplify your compliance process and ensure accuracy in every aspect of your franchise operations.

Franchise employers like you understand the significance of complying with various regulations, including those prescribed by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). The BLS requires accurate and up-to-date information on employee details, wages, franchise addresses, and more. However, we understand that this can not only be a time-consuming task, but also quite daunting, especially dealing with multiple locations.

With Doyle HCM, we will generate your Multiple Worksite Reports that will encompass all of the necessary details required by the BLS – eliminating the headaches of navigating through piles of paperwork and tedious data entry tasks.

Our primary concern when dealing with notices for our clients is ensuring their accuracy. Mistakes or inaccuracies in responding to notices can have serious consequences, potentially leading to compliance issues, or costly penalties. At Doyle HCM, accuracy is at the core of our services. Our team of dedicated experts meticuluously checks each notice you receive to guarantee its accuracy.
And unlike our competitors who may take months to address errors in notices, our experts take swift action.

Furthermore, here at Doyle HCM, we take it one step further and assist you through the application process when setting up your business with new accounts at your choice of tax agencies.

Here at Doyle HCM, we offer employers a W-2 distribution service that takes the burden off of your shoulders. We ensure your employees receive their W-2s promptly, and our experts review them to make sure any necessary corrections are made, and file any necessary amendments.

Easy Implementation

See how our payroll offerings can be implemented fast, and seamlessly for your business.

Step 1 | Welcome Aboard

A welcome email introduces your dedicated specialist, who will guide you every step of the way.

Step 2 | Data Tailoring

Your previous provider's data is reviewed and adjusted to meet current regulations by dedicated payroll and tax experts.

Step 3 | Finalize Details

Loose ends? Consider them tied. We'll calculate tax payments and guide you through the first payroll run smoothly.

Step 4 | Training

Engage in comprehensive one-on-one training sessions with your specialist to master the new payroll system confidently.

Doyle HCM, where partnership and excellence go hand-in-hand.

Here at Doyle HCM, we are always learning and evolving with you. What is good for you and your company is good for us. We value honesty and open communication, so if at any point our implementation process is confusing, or doesn’t work for you, our team of experts know how to adjust the information and guidance we offer.

We at Doyle HCM are proud to be your partner.