Tax Credits

Tax Incentives are an Opportunity

Maximize Tax Credits

Ensure you claim your rightful share of unclaimed tax credits to improve your business’s financial health.

Expert Guidance

Up to $21,000 in tax relief per employee with our guidance through complex tax incentive programs.

Doyle Touch

Benefit from personalized “white-glove” support that sets us apart in managing tax credits.

Continuous Care

Our team proactively identifies new tax relief opportunities to help your business save money.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Doyle HCM distinguishes itself with a personal approach to Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC).

We’re more than software. We’re dedicated people providing specialized, white-glove service to help our clients fully realize their WOTC benefits and financial success.

We understand that each client’s company is unique, and that is why we treat their needs as if they were our own. When clients seek our assistance, they are often surprised by the number of employees and new hires who actually qualify for WOTC. With a tax credit program like WOTC that has tremendous potential to benefit your business, we think it’s vital that not only you know which of your employees qualify but that you get as many tax credits for your company as possible.

Our team of experts understand the complexities of WOTC and has built strong relationships with professionals at state agencies. This enables us to go the extra mile and directly follow up if any issues or incorrect denials arise, ensuring that our clients receive the maximum tax credits they are entitled to.

At the end of the year, we ensure that our clients receive comprehensive results that highlight the opportunities for reducing their tax liability. Armed with this information, their business accountants can effectively minimize the amount owed, ultimately leading to significant savings.

Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC)

Through our expertise and dedicated assistance, Doyle HCM has successfully helped countless business owners claim thousands of dollars per employee in credits, providing them with much-needed financial relief during these challenging times.

Pandemic Relief

Secure vital financial support from COVID-19 tax credits, ensuring business continuity and workforce retention.

Claim Deadlines

Apply for 2020 ERTC by January 1, 2024, and for 2021 by January 1, 2025, to claim retroactive relief.

Tax Offset

Offset payroll taxes with ERTC – save up to 70% of $10,000 per employee quarterly.

Updated Provisions

Take advantage of enhanced 2021 ERTC terms with increased credit percentages and qualifying wage caps.

Dedicated Expertise

Navigate complex tax credit claims with Doyle’s expertise and ensure you receive every dollar you’re entitled to.

Significant Savings

Up to $21,000 in credits per employee, translating into direct and substantial cost reductions for your business.

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