North High Brewing has been a staple in the Short North for years. They have great beer and good vibes and are always participating in local events and making their presence known. As they began to scale their business and open more locations, they realized that they needed some help with developing new processes and making sure they were set up for success.

That is where we come in. We began working with North High during their expansion to help them implement new processes to help take on all the new employees they will be bringing on board. It initially began with a new payroll service to ensure that employees were being paid on time and that everything would run smoothly during onboarding. During this time, they went from 15 employees to now well over 100.

A Large jump in staff requires a lot of back end work to make sure everything works properly and that there are no hiccups. We are also working with them to ensure that all of their eligible employees have a place to manage their benefits. We are facilitating new hire benefit management and making sure that all employees are educated on how to best utilize them.

We also helped North High Brewing secure some tax credits through the Employee Retention Tax Credit. So far, we have found over $100,000 for them that they will use to further expand their business.

We love working with local businesses to help them grow! Scaling a business is a long process with a lot of twists and turns and Doyle can be an asset during this time for your business!