A lot of our business has to do with money. We make sure employees get paid. We help clients get money from tax credits. We help businesses save money. So, it only makes sense that we work with a lot of CPA’s. We are a perfect partner in many ways. We are trusted to provide payroll services to the clients of accounts. We love working with CPA’s, they help us make money.

Well, now it is our turn to help you make money. We have been all about the ERTC lately. We have seen great success with our clients, and have helped them secure a large amount of funds to reinvest in their businesses. We are also working with CPA’s to give them a kickback for referring us to their clients.

We are currently offering a 2% referral fee for all ERTCs that we process and secure. To be fully transparent, our fee to the client is 10%, and that is where your referral fee will come from. We will work with the clients existing payroll provider to pull the data needed for us to process and determine the refund, and you will not be required to middleman or provide any additional information. Just send us the referral and collect your cash!

One of the firms we have been working with is called Marlow Financial. They are a financial firm located outside of Atlanta Georgia. We have been having great success with this partnership. Casey Marlow has been referring her clients to us with the hopes that we can successfully calculate and process their ERTC. So far, we have been able to help 27 of her clients secure over $300,000 in total ERTC funds.

“The Partnership with Doyle has been great! I’ve enjoyed getting to know them! I found them online and called to see if they would help file ERTC, they have been extremely helpful! They are like family at Doyle and you can tell how much pride they put in their work and they work hard to accomplish the needs of their client base. I would definitely recommend Doyle to other firms, I actually already have!” said Casie Marlow.

We are currently looking to partner with CPA firms, Bookkeepers, and controllers to process their clients ERTC. We work with each individual client to determine the best route and plan of attack to get the most back. If you are interested in partnering with us or wanting to learn more about how we can help, please do not hesitate to reach out!